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Code of Professional Conduct

​Ignotus is a values-driven organization, and our team aspires to meet the highest professional, legal, and ethical standards while we develop and find solutions for our clients.

We are committed to making a positive social impact through our work with our clients and how we run our firm.

Our Code of Pressional Conduct: Features

Our code of professional conduct

Our code of professional conduct defines a set of expectations for all team members' behavior. It serves as a guide to help colleagues understand our policies' core elements and how we guide those policies with our values. We expect all colleagues to comply with this code of professional conduct. We also expect that others who may work on our behalf, such as contractors, advisors, and other suppliers, act consistently with our code.

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Our Code of Pressional Conduct: Welcome

Our code of professional conduct

Our Code of Professional Conduct serves as a guide to our values and policies in action and outlines the expectations we have for all firm members in the areas of:


Serving our clients with the highest professional standards

We are privileged to have the trust of the clients that we serve, and we earn that trust by always acting with the highest integrity; by providing objective and independent advice; by putting our clients’ interests ahead of our own; and by protecting our clients’ confidential and sensitive information. We expect all colleagues to act at all times in ways that justify and reinforce the trust in which we are held.

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Creating a working environment that inspires and motivates our people

We attract, develop, and seek to excite and retain, truly exceptional people. We do this through the opportunities for impact, growth, and development we provide; by providing a work environment in which our people feel respected, and can thrive, grow, and be their best; and by maintaining a caring meritocracy.

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Fulfilling our responsibility to society

As a firm, we are committed to positive social impact. We help address societal challenges in the way we conduct ourselves in the course of our business; through our engagement in our communities; and in the investments we make to support significant and lasting impact on pressing social issues.

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Managing risk to the firm

We have the trust not only of the clients that we serve, but also of the communities in which we operate and of the talented people who join our firm. That trust, and our reputation for integrity and independence, is precious – our ability to have impact for our clients, provide opportunities for our people, and contribute to the economies and societies in which we live and work, depends on it. All colleagues therefore, are expected to act at all times to proactively manage risks to the firm and to build and protect the firm’s reputation.

Our Code of Pressional Conduct: Services
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