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Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to protecting our planet and offer our clients eco-conscious solutions.

Sustainability: Projects

We are minimizing our environmental footprint while supporting those who are working to improve global environmental sustainability. We aim to always offer eco-conscious solutions to our clients and partner organizations.

We are carbon neutral

Since 2020, we have been carbon neutral. We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions while offsetting all remaining emissions we have not yet eliminated. We have set targets to reduce our emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, which we publicly support.

We have started to reduce the intensity of our travel and to transition to renewable electricity. We are also engaging our suppliers to help reduce their footprint. We have made this a core selection criterion when booking air travel and hotel stays for engagements. We will continue to work with these partners to strengthen their environmental performance. 


We want our offices to be great places for our people—and the environment.

An Innovative Solution

All of our office space has transitioned to green-building standards. We target the highest standards for new offices and significant renovations (LEED Gold, Platinum, or equivalents). We are also committed to minimizing our waste footprint—for example, by reducing single-use plastic in our offices and by expanding our recycling programs.



We support clients on sustainability, both through the dedicated efforts of our Sustainability Focus, and through our efforts focused on Working for our Planet, a recently introduced pillar of our social responsibility agenda.


Call us to learn more about our carbon-reduction projects, partnerships and commitments.

Sustainability: Projects
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